It was a great night for the young demon brothers til they met Heria, a girl from the human world far from this universe. They're luck was about to change because that girl is a crazy bounty hunter sent by Nightmare to kidnapped Lady Timpaini.

(Star Crows crowing)

Max: Run bro.

Chublitz: Why do you mess with Wheelie? He's a freak bird!

Max: It was just a prank!

(A fireball was coming)

Chublitz: His fireball attack.

(Max jumped into the air and kick the fireball out of the way)

Wheelie: I'm going to kill you two!!!!

Chublitz: We are trying to help you! That human girl your dating is a super assassin!

Wheelie: Really? I will destroy you on regular basics.

Max: Hold on a minute! What basics?!

Wheelie:..... I don't have time for your idiocy. I have important missions to do. 'He fly away back to Castle Perry'

Chublitz: That was...... uncool? Every since Heria came he was more into his missions than killing us.

Max: Remind me why did we work for King Perry?

Chublitz: To live there.


(A portal opened)

Chublitz: Whats that?


(A girl falled out of the portal)

Max: Who's that?

Chublitz: There are a species of aliens called humans in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Max: Humans? I thought they was just fairy tale.

Chublitz: Nope. They'll real.

Max: Lets take her to Castle Perry.

Chublitz: Ok. But something familiar about her.

Max: Like what?

Chublitz: I'm dunno.

"Meanwhile somewhere in Castle Perry"

Golden: You want us to do what?

King Perry: Clean this basement. Do it when I come back and I'll give you 300 years off from duty.

Aron: Well...... Ok. As long you don't make us do any more hard work.

King Perry:........ Fine. "He walked away"

Golden: Dang! Whats wrong with him?

Aron: Come on. We must finish this.

Golden:......... "He walk out"

Aron: Don't tell me that your slaking off?

Golden: Nope. I'm taking a break.

Aron: *sighs* This is just great!

"Max and Chublitz walked"

Max: Hello bro.

Aron: Hi bro.

Chublitz: Why you down here?

Aron: King Perry want me and Golden clean this place but Golden walked out.

Max:..... Don't mind him. We need you in the medical room.

Aron: Why?

Chublitz: We found a human girl and she seems pretty injury.

Aron: A..... human..... girl? Thats impossible!

Max: Believe it bro. Now lets go! "The three walked out"

(In the throne room)

King Perry: What!!! A human?!

Flaap: Yes. There a human girl in your castle.

King Perry: How is that possible?

Wheelie: Don't look at us. We dunno.

King Perry: ......... Keep a eye on that human. We already a hatred species throughout the other universes.

Flaap and Wheelie: Yes sir. "They flew out of the castle"

King Perry: ...... (1. How the heck did a human get here. 2. What does she want?)

Flaap: ..... welll. I'll be going now. Lets go bro.

Wheelie: Right. "They both left"

"Meanwhile in Temple of Epics."

Lady Timpaini:(gasps)

Orange Flutter: My lady! What wrong?!

Lady Timpaini:....

Orange Flutter: Uh....

Lady Timpaini:.....

Orange Flutter:......should I? No I take my leave.

Raido: I wouldn't try that. If the other Galaxy Demons find out.

Lady Timpaini: Oh don't worry you guys. I'll sure it'll be okay.

Raido & Orange Flutter:.....