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The forbidden universe

After the instant battle in Retra Town 50 years ago. Max and Friends are on their third day.

Max: Well. I think this a great day to fish for Mutotaes.

Chublitz: Max. When are 5 years old so we don't know this planet yet. All we know that Golden went to the castle basement to create a robot called the Gold Lobster and Baby and Aron are at Retra Town.

Max: Well little Chublitz. We'll go to Mount Garuda.

Chublitz: Isn't where the Spiral Phoenix.

Max: King Perry said that a Spiral Phoniex dosn't appear for another 4,888,000 years. Its completely safe.

Chublitz:(If you put it in a death way) Ok.

Max: Go. Now we need is some ground apples for the trip.

Chublitz: Lets get some Redish Apples from the castle's kitchen.

Max: Thats why your my favorite brother.

Flaap: Fat chance little ones.

Max: Flaap and Wheelie? What you want?

Wheelie: Well. The place your going is pretty tough with all of the Sraos down there.

Chublitz: What are Scaos?

Flaap: There white beetles with a sun mark on their head. Its mating season so stay away from them, expect for Lodas. There harmless. (Flaap and Wheelie left)

Max: What to go?

Chublitz: I changed my mind. Besides, there a rumor that a anicent treasure is in Shine Woods. They say that Team Rock and Roll buried it in Shine Woods about 5,111,999,111,000 years ago.

Max: Forgot Mount Garuda. We're going to Shine Woods. (Max and Chublitz left to Shine Woods)

(At Castle Perry. Inside Golden's room)


Aron: How long is he supposed to sleep?

Baby: About...... Can't tell.

Golden: Don't wake me.

Aron: Now why would we wake you? (He carrying his banjo behind him.)

Golden:(I know he carry his demon banjo)

(Aron swings his banjo at Golden but Golden repeled it)

Golden: You think I'm very stupid do you?

Aron: Bro. Max and Chublitz left to Shine Woods.

Golden: Shine Woods? .................. SHINE WOODS?! WHY THE HELL would they do that?!

Baby: A treasure chest.
Crisom Sea

Crisom Sea

Aron: Let them get eaten. Want to fight Leagecy at Crison Sea?

Golden: Yeah. I'm not donig nothing right now.

(At the enterence of Shine Woods)

Max: Ready bro.

Chublitz: Ready.

Max: Alright. Lets get going.

Flaap: Where are you two going?

Chublitz: Shine Woods.

Flaap: Be careful. And "Beware Shiny"

Max: Who's Shiny?

Flaap: You'll see. (He fly away)

Max: Stupid phoenix. He don't know what his talking about.

Chublitz: I'm not happy about this quest.

Max: Lets go.

(At Retra Town)

Max: Listen. We are going to look for a epic treasure. We can do this.

Chublitz: Okay.

We're coming to!

Max: Are you guys are?

Niddy: I'm Niddy!

Nodi: And I'm Nodi!

Niddy and Nodi: We are the Noddy Brothers!

Chublitz: Wow.

Max: You guys want to come?

Nodi: No. Lady Timpaini told us to run some errands for her.

Niddy: Besides. Our life depends on this.

Chublitz: You that we have infinite life on this planet?

Nodi: Well.

Max: Good enough. Lets go Chublitz.

Chublitz: Lets GO GO GO!

"Max and Chublitz left to Shine Woods"

Nodi: Hey!!! Your going the wrong way.

Niddy: That the path to Shine Woods.

Nodi: Shiny will kill them! We have to stop them!

"Nodi and Niddy chase our Max and Chublitz"

"The enterance of Shine Woods"

Chublitz: Hey bro. Theres a sign. It say, Beware of demons. Its being closed to visits in 4 eons.

Max: Sounds fun.

Chublitz: Sounds crazy.

Max: Does so. But we to find that treasure.

Chublitz: I'm starting to wonder why others don't come here.

Max: Maybe those bones laying there for many millienums.

Chublitz: This place creeps the hell out of me. We should go.

Max: I'm not scared of anything. Maybe you should head back.

Chublitz: Bro. I'm not scared of anything. Lets get that treasure!

" A few hours later in Crismon Sea"

Baby: Uh?

Golden: Don't you say it.

Aron: We got owned. It would go with Max and Chublitz then get beat up.

Baby: What are they doing? Maybe we should go after them.

Golden: Yeah. This day was ruin anyway.

'Golden, Aron and Baby left to Shine Woods. While in the depths of Shine Woods."

Max: Well. That was easy. It took 7 minutes to get to the depths.

Chublitz: Yeah!

"A buzzing sound"

Max: What the heck was that?

Chublitz: Maybe a bee?

Max: There are no bees on The Shatter Earth. Theirs something coming. Look out! " A creature attack"

Chublitz: What the heck man!

"A flying wolf demon appeared."

Max: What is that?


Chublitz: This is bad.

Max: How we supposed to kill it?


"The creature was about to attack til something scared it"

Max and Chublitz:............................ What the-

"Epic Roar"

Shiny: (deeply) I'm Shiny. King of Shine Woods.

Max: You look weird.

"Shiny stomped on Max and Chublitz"

Chublitz: You missed.

Shiny: What the- "Max kicked him in the face"

Max: Thats for trying to kill me you freak!

Shiny: Why you! "Golden, Aron and Baby attack Shiny together" Where the rest of you came for?!

Golden: Thats not your business.

Aron: We'll protect our brothers at all cost.


Baby: See ya! "He ran for his life"

Max: We should split.

Chublitz: Yeah.

"They ran to the exit of the woods"

Shiny: (deeply) Get. Back. HERE!!!! "He ran after them"

Max: We must lost him!

Golden: I got an idea! "He pull out a golden hammer"

Baby: Whats that.

Golden: Something I found on the beach. "He throw the hammer at Shiny's head."

Shiny: You- (explode)

Aron: Thats was a good thing.

Max: Yeah! At least we can go home.

Nodi: Max! Your alive!

Max: Of cousre We're alive.

Niddy: We thought Shiny killed you.

Golden: Don't worry. We took care of him.

"Chapter ends.