(waves crashing) (star crowlas chriping)

C-Can't move?

The universe

Where am I?

W-W-Why here...what is this?

Why here? one around?

Hello youngsters.

Who are you?

King Perry: My name is King Perry and your names?

Don't know? We wash up on the beach out cold.

King Perry: Hm... don't have names? Maybe you was just born. I'll take you to the Temple of Epics. Transport! "Flash" Were here.

"A women was sitting in the throne room"

Perry? I never seen cute children before.

King Perry: Timpaini. Don't scare them. They was just born and don't have names.

Lady Timpaini: No names. I'll give them. You! Brown haired boy. Your is Max. The small red haired boy is named Chublitz. The rooster wearing blonde boy is name Golden Hatcher. The monkeys is named Baby and Aron and . The 5 of you live in Twilightland. Perry, we you let these kids live at Castle Perry?

King Perry: Of course. (rumbling)

Max: What was that?

Golden: We aren't alone are we?

Lady Timpaini: Yes. You see. Our world is threated by Nightaze.

Baby: N-Nightmare?

King Perry: He was a human boy long ago. But someone corrupted him.

Lady Timpaini: Now he's trying to get rid of the creatures called Galaxy Demons of this planet.

Aron: Thats wrong in many ways.

King Perry: We need you 5 to go to Orange Plains and check of something happen.

Max: Ok.

Baby: Alright.

Aron: Understood.

Golden: We'll get it done.

Chublitz: We win!

(few hours later at Orange Plains)

Max: We a demon beast looks like?

Chublitz: Maybe something creepy as hell.

Golden: Really?

Aron: There are things that we don't know.

Baby: Like that?

Second Matter

(A cloud of mist appeared)

Max: Thats odd?

Golden: Why does a mist appeared at of nowhere?

(The mist releaved a blue eye)

Aron: Holy crap! Its have an eye!

Max: Is that even real?

Golden: Jugding by its mood. Its unknown?

(The mist charged at them)

Chublitz: Holy!!! Everyone split!

(The 5 children moved at of the way)

Aron: Nothing can stop it!

Baby: Maybe if we hit head on!

Max: Okay!

(The 5 created a fireball)

Max and Friends Special Move: Ultra Fire Ball

Max: Hit it now!

Max, Baby, Chublitz, Golden, Aron: Special Move! Ultra Fire Ball!

(They shoot the fireball at the mist) (Boom)

(The mist explodes and caught the 5 in the blast)

(End of Chapter 1)