Max is 11 year old Galaxy Demons and one of the 5 main protaganists. He and his brothers, Baby, Golden, Chublitz and Aron had been born on a magic and fanasty planet called the Shatter Earth. He befriended Niddy and Nodi in Chapter 3. In the special chapter Turning the Waves, he has love relationship with Kitten, a fairy from Planet Rio.


Born from the Crison Sea, he and his brothers, Baby, Aron, Golden and Chublitz had washed on shore. King Perry found them outcold. Lady Timpaini has told them of a evil god named Nightmare. But as the brothers left to Orange Plains, they was attacked by Second Matter. He is a strong kid for a 11 year old. Kittens was lovestruck to Max and fell in love with him. Max sometimes show is feeling to Kitten.


Baby (brother)

Aron (brother)

Golden (brother)

Chublitz (brother)


Baby: Close brother. He is timid and kinda scare of every monster. Max can encourage him to help him with anything.

Aron: Close brother. He a very smart brother. He tries to invent weapons that will help him and his brothers in the future.

Chublitz: Close brother. Max's favorite brother. He little in size, but deadly. He may take hits but he never back down a fight.

Golden: Close brother. He the eldest and powerful brother. He don't need his brothers sometimes if they bug him.